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Sichuan Agricultural University, one of the 100 universities selected by the Chinese government to receive special funding under the “211 Project”, has a predominance of bio-technology and agricultural sciences, and covering fields such as physical science, engineering, economics, management,veterinary medicine, liberal arts, pedagogy and law.

Beautified by green mountains and blue rivers, SAU is situated in the well known city of Ya’an,the hometown of Giant Panda and the cradle of Tea Culture of the world, the same as Top ten China glamour city and Chinese excellent tourist city. Its former body was Sichuan Tong Sheng Agricultural School established in 1906, subordinated to National Sichuan University in 1935. It was moved to Yaan city from Chengdu and Sichuan Agricultural College was founded here independently in 1956, renamed as Sichuan Agricultural University in 1985.

Address: International Office of Exchange and Cooperation Sichuan Agricultural University Yaan, Sichuan 625014

Tel: 0086-835-2882233

Email: [email protected]

Youliang Zheng
November 1959 Health, Ph.D., Professor, Sichuan Agricultural University. Sichuan Agricultural University, Bachelor of agronomy 77, Crop Genetics and Breeding of Maize Genetics and Breeding 81 professional master's direction, 88 Ph.D. in wheat genetics and breeding. Exceptional promotion in 1993, Professor. National Public School in 1994 as a senior visiting scholar to the UK JohnInnes Center of Molecular Biology in Cambridge Laboratory studies in wheat. March 1995 -1999 term in April, Sichuan Agricultural University, vice president and dean. August 1996 -2002 wheat in September concurrently director of the Institute. February 1999 he was appointed vice president of Sichuan Agricultural University (in charge of teaching). In 2001 he was appointed vice president of Crop Science Society of Sichuan Province. National Intellectuals works one or two levels of the first batch of candidates, the first batch of Sichuan Youth Science Foundation funding, the Ministry of Education Fund for Excellent Young Teacher Foundation, Ministry of Education of the object and young teachers and the Sichuan Youth Science and Technology Award winner. Top Ten Young Teachers College in Sichuan Province, Sichuan Province, the outstanding contributions of outstanding experts, outstanding young science and technology innovation leader in Sichuan Province, Sichuan Province, academic and technology leaders, enjoy special government allowances.

Assistant Principal
Liangji Deng

Male, Han nationality, born in November 1957, Luding County, Sichuan, in September 1976 to work in January 1982 to join the party, graduate degree, Master of Agriculture, Professor. The current party secretary of Sichuan Agricultural University.

Assistant Principal
Ziqiang Qing

male, Han nationality, born in November 1956, Sichuan wusheng people, in July 1977 to work in June 1981 to join the party, a university graduate, Bachelor of Agricultural Science, Professor, Master Instructor.Currently deputy party secretary of Sichuan Agricultural University, Commission for Discipline Inspection.

Tianhui Zhuang

Zhuangtian Hui, female, Han nationality, born in October 1964, Pengzhou people, in July 1987 to work in December 1986 to join the party, graduate degree, Master of Management, Professor, Master Instructor. Currently deputy party secretary of Sichuan Agricultural University, in the Union President.

Qiang Zhang

Vice President
Associate Professor